Hack OC

Orange County's First Post-Pandemic Hackathon

May 6th 9am-9pm at Anduril

Over $8,000 in prizes across 6 tracks!

Prizes include mechanical keyboards, game consoles, AirPods Pro, 3D printers, and more!

What's Hack OC?

Hack OC is the first in-person high school hackathon after the pandemic in Orange County, California. We're inviting all high schoolers to participate in 12 hours of coding, building, learning, and fun. Whether you're technical and experienced or haven't ever written a line of code, Hack OC will be a fun and welcoming event for everyone.

Build something

By the end, you’ll have built something new and unique with your team.

Hackers collaborating on a project

Learn new skills

Whether you're new to coding or a seasoned developer, you'll learn new skills and technologies at our workshops.

Workshop at Assemble in 2022

Make connections

You'll meet other hackers and programmers from all over Orange County.

Have fun

Hack OC has stickers, swag, food, and prizes to make your time coding exciting and fun.

What's a "hackathon"?

Hackathons are in-person coding events where teenagers come together to learn new skills, create fun projects, and make memories. There's also food, snacks, and drinks to fuel your creativity. Instead of hacking bank accounts like you hear in the news, you'll build something meaningful to you.

Who can participate in Hack OC?

We're inviting all high school students to participate in Hack OC completely free. If you'd still like to support us, however, you can donate here. Since this hackathon is geared toward just high school students, we aren't allowing any college students or older to participate.


Can I join?

If you're in middle school or high school, yes, you can attend! If you're unsure or have questions, shoot us a message at team@hackoc.org.

What can I make?

Anything! Apps, games, websites, art, and hardware projects are all welcome. Check out what other hackers are making.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Hack OC is free for all attendees. We'll cover meals, snacks, swag, and prizes, as well as other fun mini-events.

Who is judging?

Judging is done by the people that matter most– the attendees. When it's time for demo, you'll get to vote for your favorite projects in each category.

I'm not that good at coding...

Everybody starts somewhere! At Hack OC, we'll have workshops and mentors to help you learn new skills and build something awesome. If you want to explore some resources before the event, check out Hack Club's Workshops.

Is there anything in place to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading?

We'll screen for COVID-19 symptoms before the event, and we'll have hand sanitizer and masks available for all attendees. Masks are not required, but they are strongly recommended.

Hack OC is fiscally sponsored by The Hack Foundation. Nonprofit EIN: 81-2908499.